Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stray Bullets

Oh yes another free download! Cee-Lo gives a free project to hold us over until he releases his newest album (forgot what it's called). This is a dang nice album, you have to download this one. Lots of feel-good, funky tracks on this! Trust me this is good! Click the picture to download!

The Decadence

Star Trak's newest artists Christian Rich released their free EP last week. It's pretty decent, but man I could sure go without all that auto-tune! Some of these songs sound like straight Drake/Wayne songs! Nothing against them but if I wanted to hear them then I'd find their song! Worth a listen though, they certainly channel that Neptunes energy. I really like track 8 "Private Secret" probably because it has Janet Jackson elements in it. Click on the album cover below to download! Definitely download it if you want to dance!

Say Wassup

Very good song/video from Rhymefest & Phonte! What a fun ode to old cartoons! Apparently it's in 3D but I wouldn't know since I don't have the glasses!

I Want You

Here's a cool song/video from Theophilus London. Loving the Marvin Gaye sample! This girl is dangerous!


Lookin 4 Ya

Hooray for anytime Oukast hooks back up! Here's a track that was supposed to be on Big Boi's upcoming new CD "The Son of Chico Dusty" (in stores July 8, can't wait!) but was left off because of label issues. What a bummer because this song is awesome. Click the picture to listen to it. Trust me; it's great! Outkast is great! Good to hear three stacks rhyming again!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flash Drive Cufflinks


Designed by Ravi Ratan, 2GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks (2 GB each, total 4 GB) and can be engraved with up to 8 characters, available in gunmetal and gold finishes. $195.00/per pair
"feature functional USB drives making it possible for you to keep all of your must-have presentations and important documents with you wherever you go."

via Like Cool

Protect 486 Scooter Armor


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2010 Fifa World Cup Shirts

lol these are funny

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Sushi Pillows

Aw these are fun!

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Cutest Puppy of the Week! (05.31.10-06.06.10)

lol so funny!

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Cantina 2010

Snoop Dogg, Daft Punk, David Beckham? Can't imagine how much they spent on this video! Pretty cool though!

Nooka Eyewear Collection

Fresh! $130 though? Sheesh!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's Not to Love

This is such a good song. I'm heavily looking forward to the new Dwele CD! Great cameos in here! You can tell Detroit is a tight-knit city!

Dwele What's Not To Love album in stores 6.29.10

DWELE | MySpace Music Videos

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bar Hoppin

Here's the newest Dedicated Servers video for "Bar Hoppin" which will be on our "Greetings" CD (coming soon)!

I wanna give some special shouts to J-Rad, Ammobox, Comm-1, and MCMD! Thanks for helping make this video fun! And thank you to my sister Vy for letting me use her computer to edit it!