Sunday, October 3, 2010


Rosemary Clooney is one of my favorite singers and Mangos is one of my favorite songs! I'm so glad I found a live performance of it! Check it out!

Cutest Puppy of the Week! 9/27/10-10/3/10

omg this little guy's name is Boo and he is the cutest thing on Earth!

via Cute Overload

Never Say No to Panda

This had me laughing so hard! You KNOW I need that costume!

Stainless Steel Shotglass

I don't drink but if I did I would probably get this. This is a pretty sweet item!

via Like Cool

Femme Fatale

Here's Aloe Blacc's newest video for a song from his new CD (coming soon). This is a really well-shot video and the song is wonderful! Aloe's been releasing some amazing stuff! Looking forward to the CD!