Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Go Sarah!

I'm very proud of my oldest niece Sarah who recently got a job! Get your paper Sarah, good job!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Dang! N.E.R.D. is on their hustle! "Seeing Sounds" hasn't even been out for a year and they're back with a new song already! I'm very excited to see where they go now (sonically). Looks like they're invading reggae/ska this time around. Check out this performance of "Soldier" feat. Santigold! Energy!


I finally found it! I heard this song on a mixtape awhile ago and could never figure out who it was. Well, it's J*Davey, and the song is "Slooow". Baby-making music! I really like this song. It's on "Beauty in Distortion/Land of the Lost" (copping soon)!

Mackdaddy Line Shades

Man...I really need these. $200...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Peanut's Resume

Alright Ab, here's the video for you.

This song is "Peanut's Resume (To Rufus)" from Warp Zone. I think the video's pretty self-explanatory (to gamers, I suppose).

For those who don't know, Rufus is the President of Shinra Corporation in Final Fantasy VII. I figure since I work so much, why not get a job as a Turk? That sounds like fun.

If you dig it, download Warp Zone. It's free! The link for it is below. You can preview the project first by clicking on the playlist to the right.

Peanut's Resume (Bloopers) coming soon...

Iron Man vs Bruce Lee

Pure awesomeness!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Wow, pretty cool in a strange way.

When turned on *pause* the light stays up! The V/a.g.r.a. is designed by Romolo Stanco.


So in Megaman 9, you can go to Dr. Light's Lab and buy different items from our good pal, Roll (because Dr. Light has been arrested). One of the items is a Roll outfit.


...yeah. That's what Owen and I thought when we saw it. I thought maybe it was an extra costume for Megaman or something, that could enable him to slide or jump higher or something. Well I finally bought it (for 200 screws) and the only thing that happened was Roll switched her outfit. That's it. I've never been swindled so badly in my life! Screw you Capcom!

You can also buy a book of hairstyles, which will remove Megaman's helmet. With the removal of the helmet comes more damage taken in the game. Yeah Capcom, I wanted that because playing the game how it is is easy enough.


I hate you Roll.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Megaman 9 Arrange Soundtrack

*Jeezy voice* IT'S AMAZING!

I downloaded Megaman 9 on Owen's WiiWare and listened to the music, knowing that if there was an arranged version of it, it would be incredible. Of course, the game is new but is done in an old fashion to satisfy retro Megaman fans' satisfaction, everything from 8-bit graphics to sound. Even the 8-bit versions of the songs were awesome! Capcom is smart; although the game is brutally difficult, the music seems to at least keep you in good spirits. So far, I only have four bosses beaten (Splash Woman, Concrete Man, Galaxy Man, & Plug Man). The levels are way harder than the bosses! One day I'll have it beat though, one day. Megaman is like a huge math equation. I feel like you can do anything in life but one question remains: have you beaten Megaman 9? That's when you've really accomplished something in life.

The soundtrack has been a HUGE inspiration to me. I busted out a few beats within the past two days because of it!

Just a little more about MM9, no charge shot or slide! KILLER (in a bad way)! Apparently you can only do those by playing Proto Man, which I guess also makes the game harder? Yeah, doesn't make sense to me either. I must admit, how often do you buy games nowadays that offer this level of difficulty? It's kinda refreshing.

I'll provide some of the songs (original & arranged) here as well as a download link for the arranged album, if you dig it. My favorites are "Galaxy Fantasy", "Jewel Temptation", "Thunder Tornado", "Cutie Roll", and "Splash Blue". Enjoy!

Galaxy Fantasy [Galaxy Man Stage] - Capcom

Galaxy Fantasy (Galaxy Man Stage) - III

Galaxy Fantasy (Galaxy Man Stage) - III

Jewel Temptation (Jewel Man Stage) - Akari Kaida Groves

Splash Blue [Splash Woman Stage] - Capcom

Splash Blue (Splash Woman Stage) - III

Click to download the Megaman 9 Arrange Soundtrack!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I went to see Watchmen a few weeks ago and purchased my tickets online at Fandango. As a special treat, they sent me a free iTunes code to redeem the Tales of the Black Freighter. Well I finally decided to redeem it today, but while it was downloading (it took 30 min. but this happened when it was at 15 min.) I started burning a copy of the Megaman 9 Arrange Soundtrack (which I'll be making a post about later) to save some time. Well, it froze the whole computer and iTunes said "canceling burning, this may take a minute or two" but obviously my computer was frozen. I went back to iTunes after rebooting and my Watchmen download was as if it never existed. I typed in my redeem code again and it said that it had already been used once and couldn't be used again.

I know it was free, but I really wanted that! I love Watchmen! I hate my computer! Also I have a pulsing headache right now and I feel like crap! I'm gonna go eat.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I had a rough workout today with Cody, Owen & Tom. It was a tag team workout; while one person did one exercise, the other had to maintain a static hold. We did two rounds and it was killer (the exercise in the parentheses is the static hold).

30x pull-ups (ring plank)
30x wall sit-ups (ring dip hold)
30x squats (slosh pipe hold)
30x push-ups (dead hang)

I teamed up with Owen while Tom took Cody's side. It made me realize how out of shape I was. I really need to workout alone before I can get back to at least finishing Cody's workouts in reasonable times. I've slowly been getting back into it on my own these past few weeks but I can't amount to Owen, Cody and Tom. Them dudes is tough! It's hard though with work, school, and the amount of music I plan on releasing. Anyway, I'm gonna go heal and try not to die. Sorry again Owen, for taking so long when it was my turn. Those holds killed me, I can't imagine how they felt for him!

Macbook Pro Song

Turbo's back with a new video! Borrowing the "Pop Champagne" beat, Turbo lets us in on the switch from PC to Mac. Stay tuned for Electrorock V. 5: LLLLL, it's a guaranteed classic! Stop sleeping on Turbo!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Warp Zone

What better way to start off Spring Break than with the new Dedicated Servers release of WARP ZONE!

I'll probably post more stuff about it later, since I gotta sleep (work at 4:30a!) but basically, I've always wanted to do something with video game music. Rap over them, remix them; whatever. Here's one of my ideas in fruition; MCMD and I had a lot of fun over these pieces! All the tracks are from different video games while we wrote to them. Also (hopefully), you'll have a new appreciation for video game music.

I feel like when people think about video game music, they're always thinking about blips and bleeps but the music has come a long way and should be considered MUSIC, as it always has been, just like anything else you would listen to on the radio or a CD or whatever.

This was a really fun project and we hope you all enjoy it. We have a TON more things coming your way, so stay tuned. We're still working hard to get out tons of good music so that you'll never have to listen to bad music again! You can preview the project in the playlist located to your right (properly labeled "Warp Zone") and then click on the picture if you'd like to download it. We have also provided a download link on our Myspace page.

Don't forget to keep checking here as well as our Myspace page for more music coming soon as well as (music) videos.

Most definitely, don't forget to check out myspace.com/spokesmen because the Resident Genius and myself will be releasing a project of our own soon (hopefully).
We have a few tracks already as well as some tracks for the Dedicated Servers! Support good music! Thank you to everyone that has already downloaded and/or listened to it! Here you go!

Spring Equinox

Hooray for the first day of spring! It's beautiful here and I hope it is where you are! We're getting closer and closer to summer...

(can't wait)

PS Warp Zone is available now at myspace.com/dedicatedservers. I'll post more information as well as the project here as well, but not until later because I gotta go to work!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Not the year, that's how long it took me to complete today's workout. 20's the magic number!

20x pull-ups
20x push-ups
20x squat
(5 rounds)

Fairly difficult. One day I'll be able to knock them pull-ups out like Owen and Cody...I got some gross blisters from the pull-ups too! This sucks.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Ecstatic (trailer)

Mos Def's new album "The Ecstatic" is coming out this spring (apparently)! It's been too long and I'm excited to hear some excellent lyricism from the universal magnetic once again!

Mos Def - Words - The Ecstatic - in stores Spring 2009

Uyama Hiroto

Another incredible artist from Japan. His debut album "A Son of the Sun" was released in July 2008 (only in Japan, of course) and quickly became another important piece of life music for me. The whole album is beautiful. All the tracks are very relaxing, laid-back and make for good sleeping music; not to say that the music is boring, but it's just so peaceful. Anyone that is a fan of Nujabes (who coincidentally is a frequent collaborator with Uyama) will certainly enjoy Uyama Hiroto. The songs below are just a few of my favorites from the album. I'm crazy about "Walk in the Sunset" and "Stratus". You HAVE to listen to these!

13. Walk In The Sunset - Uyama Hiroto

Stratus (vinyl ver.) - Uyama Hiroto

03. One Dream - Uyama Hiroto

14. Color of Jade - Uyama Hiroto